What is Platio?

Platio is a non-programming service that allows you to
develop, operate and distribute mobile applications to utilize IoT devices easily.
Till now, developing apps have been a taxing process. 
From the planning stages to the actual implementation,
developers have had to go through 3 major stages before actually being able to use an app.

App Development, Server Setup and Operation, App Distribution.
These 3 processes take lots of time and effort, and developing an app for a test can rack up costs.
Needless to say, developing applications that can connect to a variety of IoT devices.

With the growth of the IoT market,
companies are looking for solutions that can help streamline and create a more effective workflow.

Through Platio, you can now create and deploy apps,
be it a business app for streamlining operations or an app to test the connectivity of your IoT device,
without having to worry about the taxing processes.

The 3 major processes incorporated to a single platform,
all you have to do is select a ready-made app template, customize fields to your liking, and select deploy. All at a heavily reduced cost.


Connect to IoT devices through 
the touch of a button

Connect to IoT devices and receive data easily by using Bluetooth LE to connect to the Platio app.

Create apps quickly from 
existing templates

Choose from a variety of different existing templates and customize freely according to your needs.

A smart data cloud and storage center that automatically prepares your app for deployment

Be relieved from maintenance obligations as user account management tools and cloud data storage areas are automatically prepared along with the creation of the Platio app.

Deploy and 
update apps easily

Deploy and use immediately on your mobile device.
Revise and update apps through a single click.

Why you should choose Platio

Through Platio, you can create business applications without having to type a single line of code. With just 3 simple steps, you can create business apps that will help you streamline your business activities and connect to IoT devices.

  • 1. Create Apps easily

    Create apps without having to code. Just select, customize a ready-made app template to your needs, and you are ready to go!

  • 2. Automatically reserve data storage areas on the cloud

    As data storage areas are automatically prepared, preparations for deployment are complete once user accounts are registered.
    Relieve yourself from the burden of having to secure and maintain servers.

  • 3. Access and use the created app on your iOS device

    Download the Platio app to your iOS device, login with your registered user account , and start using your app!

Use Case


Optimize data input efficiency for blood pressure and body temperature measurements

Reduction in misidentification errors through the use of photos and barcodes

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery

Optimize data input efficiency by linking atmospheric temperature and infra-red instruments to the Platio app

Input GPS information and photos for records

Retail and Distribution

Create customized applications that utilize barcode readers to help streamline inventory management

Keep employees up-to-date by sharing information through the cloud

Manufacturing and Construction

Optimize data input efficiency by linking manufacturing and construction machines, sensors to the Platio app

Input and share GPS information and pictures to illustrate and record progress